FEAMM periodically produces statistics and sectoral analyzes. To do this, it draws from the INE (National Institute of Statistics) and the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade).

The official figures of the transactions of molds and dies of 2017 confirm the globalization of the market with exports that beat all the records. Also, imports have increased in volume and we can say that domestic consumption is fed more by imports than by domestic production, which is almost 80% exported.

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(1) INE (2) ICEX

Below are the latest reports made:

Spanish exports and imports of molds and dies

Year 2018
Year 2017
Year 2016
Year 2015
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Production, trade and consumption of molds and dies in Spain

Evolution year 2017
Evolution year 2016
Evolution year 2015
Evolution year 2014
Evolution year 2013

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