Spain in Europe gets its share of molds and dies to significantly increase production and consumption


The Spanish Federation of Mould and Die Industry Associations (FEAMM), headed at the moment by the Basque Association (ASVAMM), met this Tuesday, April 21st, in Laguardia (Alava) to analyze the situation of sector.
Closed official figures confirmed both the recovery started in 2011 as the recovery of production quota in Europe,” said Jon Kepa Idoiaga, President of FEAMM and ASVAMM.Idoiaga, has advanced that “the estimates for 2014 indicate that the turnover will have been higher than in 2013. If confirmed, will be four years with production and higher than in 2010 when thresholds are reached consumption”.In this regard, he stressed the commitment to internationalization of the sector.
Fruit of many Spanish companies are being implemented abroad, increase equipment renewals, extensions, demand for qualified personnel, etc. “.However, said the President of FEAMM and ASVAMM, “estimates for 2014 and forecasts for 2015 gives hope that the recovery will continue.”