The MITYC and FEAMM works with companies to moulders, and related matriceras improve their competitiveness through the introduction of an ERP partially supported.

FEAMM has made the MITT consider supporting a grant to Industrial SMEs that decide to improve their competitiveness by investing in systems for enterprise resource planning, or ERP (for its acronym in English Enterprise Resource Planning). The aim of FEAMM is that SMEs sector to exploit the current situation adapted to the immediate future, which is expected with more orders but very competitive.

Up to 50% of refundable grants to 25 companies

Up to 25 companies will benefit from the aid that is 50% for external partnerships and 20% for investment with the purchase of software, to a maximum of 19,000 € per company (7,000 € and 12,000 € investment in external collaboration). In total, allocated € 199,000 repayable between the 25 companies participating in the project INGEMMERP II.

As of May 13, 2011

The project INGEMMERP II was presented in the call Innoempresa 2010 and covers investments made since the April 30, 2010 until May 13, 2011, deadline to make the investments and implementations of ERP.

Performing days

In order to get the message to as many companies better, FEAMM organized, together with its member associations, conferences in Barcelona in collaboration with ASCAMM, Ascamm Centre Foundation Tecnològic, Exxe Technologies and Sescoi Iberia (December 2, 2010), Valencia in collaboration with ACOVEMM, FEMEVAL and AYDAI (November 24, 2010), in collaboration with Asamm Zaragoza and PRONET (February 2011) and in collaboration with AGMMA Vigo and ASIME (February 2011).

FEAMM performs numerous actions to support the Spanish industrial sector toolmaker and moulder. More information: