At the end of 2011 will be held two business forums, one in Mexico, coinciding with the fair Plastimagen, and another in Barcelona to coincide with Equiplast.

In both forums were explained Iberoeka program benefits for companies that are summarized below:

IBEROEKA is a tool to enhance the competitiveness of Latin American companies by participating in technological innovation projects in cooperation.

In each of the 21 countries there IBEROEKA Agency Manager providing advice and financing to companies involved in these projects.

The CDTI, which is the Agency Manager IBEROEKA in Spain, offers a privileged financing for Spanish companies:

– Credits to zero interest rate, repayable over 10 years and 2 or 3 of lack that can cover up to 85% of project costs

– Tranche 33% non-refundable

Since its inception in 1991 through 2010, 667 projects were approved IBEROEKA with a total investment of 918.7 million euros and the participation of 2110 entities.

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