FEAMM celebrated its annual meeting in Valencia last 3th and 14th of May. It welcomed about 25 attendees, all of them from the molds and dies sector.

Although the recession of the 1st quarter 2019 worries the employers, the lack of specialized personnel is still the main problem of the sector, for this reason FEAMM has created a training commission, formed by entrepreneurs of the sector, which will try to find solutions to this situation. During the meeting, ASCAMM was congratulated for the creation of the new cycle of Vocational Training of Dual Degree that is specialized in molds and matrices and that is being a success in the institute that initiated it and during this exercise it will be implemented in a second Catalan institute

The activity of the second day was mainly the visit of the company Industrias Ochoa, who showed all entrepreneurs their new productive capacities and their new planning and control system.

FEAMM's delegation visiting Industrias Ochoa factory