On the website you will find MINETUR 2015 call for grant applications to fund investments. Please note that only shall be eligible:Industrial investments to improve and / or modification of previously existing production lines.

It means improvement and / or modification of an existing production line, the definition and acquisition of equipment or set of equipment to replace previously installed items on line or supplement this with the aim of improving their features or to modify the characteristics production.
Such modifications may involve changes in production capacity within the same line, but may not constitute new production lines and independent of the above

The following summarizes the main aspects:

Types of eligible activities:

– Creation of industrial establishments

– Transfer of industrial establishments

– Implementation of new production lines

– Improvement and / or modifications of previously existing production lines

Concepts of eligible expenditure:

– Civil works

– Building

– Acquisition of equipment and materials equipment directly related to production (fixed assets Resale allowed)

Amount of funding:

– 75% of the eligible budget

Minimum budget of eligible investments:

– € 75,000

Concession and features of the funding:

– Refundable Loan

– Amortization period: ten years with three of absence

– Interest rate: to be determined as indicated in paragraph 15 of the call and can be 1.656, 2.54 or 4.34%


– 10% of the loan requested

Deadline for the actions:

– From 1 January 2015 until 18 months after the date of termination of the grant assistance

Deadline for applications:

– From April 1 to June 1, 2015

Deadline for notification of termination of MINETUR:

– Six months after the filing of the application (usually shorter)

Amount allocated by the MINETUR to finance these investments:

– € 308.5 million

Please note that the annex to the bases (pages 21-26 of the IET / 619/2014) detailed the structure and content of the specification to be part of the application.