Report on the development of production, trade and consumption of molds and dies in Spain in the period 2001-2013 is attached.

This report has been prepared by FEAMM with data from the INE and ICEX.

Tables and graphs can be seen that:

Official figures from 2013 confirm the recovery that began in 2011 and now the third.

Total production increased by 16.7% over the previous year, reaching 616 million euros.

Consumption has increased by 26.9% and has been for 604 million.

In 2010 there is a turning point and from there increases all production, exports, imports and consumption.

Total imports and exports reached peak values ​​from 2011 and exceed 50% of total production.

Molds plastic injection and compression have increased the value of their production by 38.9% and consumption by 36.2%.

Molds for plastic injection has recovered to values ​​of consumption before the crisis but not production.

The gap between imports and exports is increasing.

Arrays have increased production by 19.4% and 73.3% consumption.

In dies, production exceeds consumption and always run parallel but are still far from the highs of 2003 and 2004.

Injection molds and compression aluminum production increased by 12.9% and consumption by 5.8%.

For aluminum molds, production and consumption are almost on par but while until 2007 they ranged around 100 million euros now move 70.

In other molds for plastic surprising that the export figures to exceed production. The explanation could be that molds produced here are exported but not imported previously.