FEAMM available to companies in the service industry for the “Group of Companies Internationalization ” .

REPRESENTANTEIt’s about sharing services with complementary products in order to penetrate and hold on a target market through the performance of a representative in the destination country and under the tutelage of FEAMM .


A sector companies who want to mold and die and start exporting to companies that want to increase their exports and can not afford the cost involved to provide them, and aiming for any proposed FEAMM markets.



Helping firms to internationalize SECTOR .
Identification of customers.
Market introduction of products of the participating companies in the target market .
Reduced risks and costs through business cooperation in order to initiate or strengthen the marketing of products in the target market .


Program length : 12 months, with possibility of renewal for a second year , if the objectives have been met .
Number of member companies : minimum 4 and maximum of 6
Permanence of companies : 12 months (unless the user company decides otherwise for some good reason ) .
Required Documentation: Cooperation Agreement between companies and FEAMM .


Shares in a REP destination EXCLUSIVE FULL TIME and for the group that permanent daily basis and works to attract business to the group companies. This is NOT a specific action but a LONG time action that facilitates the monitoring of operations.
Being in the same business , is greatly reduced in steps and movement in general , as a visit to a “customer” may be useful for the group
As a group , the whole deal more attractive for local buyer.
By having an “office” with senior local representative on arrival and generates greater confidence to the buyer and daily issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
Being under the tutelage of FEAMM also generates greater confidence to local buyer .
You can schedule joint promotional activities such as trips to the country , participation in fairs , marketing and advertising ( catalog , brochure , mailings, etc. ..) to lower costs.


REPRESENTATIVE IN MEXICO : 700 € / company ( with the participation of 6 companies )
REPRESENTATIVE IN GERMANY : 1.150 € / company ( with the participation of 6 companies )
The costs include the salary of the representative structural costs ( office rent , computer, telephone , car … ) and social costs. No commissions each company may negotiate directly with the representative are included.


FEAMM Partners : Free
Non-members: € 300 + VAT
More information: dpijuan@feamm.com and / or phone 93 594 47 47 .