In(3D)ustry fair for mouldmakers and die makers

The IN (3D) USTRY fair was held in Barcelona in October 2018 in which FEAMM has collaborated, since this edition includes a space dedicated to companies of molds and dies.

ROSMOULD 2018 Fair participation

FEAMM with the support of ICEX Spain Export Investments within the framework of the Sector Plan 2018, organized a grouped participation to the Rosmould 2018 Fair in Moscow that was cellebrated from May 15th to 17th 2018. The Russian and Spanish economy have seen their trade balance strengthened with a greater volume of exports to […]

Grouped participation to Plastimagen 2017 fair

FEAMM organized, with the support of the ICEX, a grouped participation to the fair Plastimagen in Mexico D.F. From November 7th to 10th 2017.

-Visita agrupada a la feria Moulding Expo

[:es]FEAMM organizó una visita agrupada a la feria Moulding Expo 2017.