30% savings in the price of energy for companies adhering the grouped purchase

The ninth edition has more than a thousand participants corresponding to 17 business organizations throughout the State.

Evolution of the production, trade and consumption of moulds and dies

The official figures of the transactions of molds and matrices for 2019 break with the upward trend of the last 7 years. Although consumption is maintained, production falls and so do exports.

Merry Christmas

FEAMM wishes you Merry Christmas and happy New Year

FEAMM’S meeting in Bilbao

Coinciding with the BIEMH, FEAMM will hold its General Assembly meeting in Bilbao on the 30th and 31st of May.

Spanish moulds and dies exports and imports

[:es]Las exportaciones de moldes y matrices han superado su mayor récord habiendo sido el 2017 el mejor año de la historia.

-Exportaciones e Importaciones españolas de moldes y matrices

Statistical report of Spanish exports and imports of molds and dies.

-Reunión de FEAMM en Barcelona

On the 3rd and 4th of April the FEAMM’s meeting was held in Barcelona.

-Entrevista al Presidente de FEAMM en la revista Toolmaker

The magazine specialized in molds and dies Toolmaker has conducted an interview with our President Jon Kepa Idoiaga from Industrias Lebario.

-Participación agrupada a la feria Plastimagen 2016

FEAMM organized a grouped participation to Plastimagen Fair hold 8th to 11th March 2016 in Mexico City.

-FEAMM participa en la compra agrupada de energía

FEAMM organizes a pooled purchasing power to achieve savings of over 30% for associated enterprises.